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Empyrean Infotech Pvt. Ltd. | Skill Development | Industrial Training | Freelance Web Designer Developer | Offshore Outsource Web Development | Live Project Training
Cut your operating cost about 60% by hiring dedicated, expert & experienced freelance web developer and designer. We at Empyrean Infotech Offshore and Outsource in certain fields like content development, web design and development. We give live project training to freshers for career skill development and good placements.
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Skill Development, Training & Outsourcing

Improve you soft skills. Get trained. Work and learn. Get placements.


Skill Development and Training

We welcome freshers for participating in our skill development and industrial training program. Students and freshers will get opportunity to work and learn on live projects. They get professional working environment and feel. They get lectures and knowledge on latest trends, technologies for design, development and marketing. We will provide certificates after completion. Further candidates with good performance can be considered for job placement.

We also provide guest lectures, seminars and training classes programs time to time in various institutes and colleges for students for improving their technical skills. We welcome invites from college/institute administration people to contact us for in-house classes by industry experts in their college/institute for their students.

Outsourcing, Consultancy and Freelancing

We sometimes outsource our work or human resources to outside opportunities as needed.

The eligible candidates registered with us will get information for opportunities in other companies for job placement and career solutions.

The skilled developers can work from home for some of the projects we can give to them as per their skills, experience and expertise.

Also, if someone have work and want to get it done by a expert freelancer in best costing, can contact us with requirements. We have a team of expert freelancers too work on the challenges in any technology and deliver the project on time with superb quality.

outsourcing freelance

Why Freelancing?

Cost comparison of a regular worker, freelancing is known to have cut operating costs by more than 60%. Today, in the competitive market sites, many projects certainly not affordable with regular employees that are entitled to sick pay, insurance costs, holiday pay etc. Besides, with the help of freelancers you can have multiple options select from vast variety of skill-sets without permanent liability.

The progress and enhancement of freelancing industry can be evolved from the fact that now a days various project management and tracking tools and web applications available that allow employer to monitor progress of his work done online, and even takes periodic reports screenshots of completed work. They can have chats, online discussions on different tasks and milestones online. This is very helpful development which has helped in developing confidence in bidders to offer critical assignments to freelancers.

Contacting us for some freelancing work will help to cut your project development cost, which otherwise will be expensive if given to some development company. You will get the company quality project in the cost of freelancing. Interesting, Isn’t it!

Interested for getting industrial training or improving your knowledge skills? Contact us for opportunities.