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We as a SEO consulting firm offer web promotion services like SEO, SEM and SMO in Delhi and Lucknow UP India. Our consultants and experts provide guaranteed SEO services and seo Analysis at affordable price. We work for website speed optimization and w3c validation too.
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SEO, SMO and Web Promotion

Get High Ranking on Search Engines, More number of Fan base, Let us know, Let your Business Grow
Empyrean Infotech Pvt. Ltd. facilitates SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing)SMO (Social Media Optimization), Advertising and Website Promotion for enhancement of online presence, providing higher ranking to websites in Google searches and boosting the business possibilities through websites. Now a day’s internet is an pervasive mean of  communication, so most of the people relies on the internet, not for entertainment but for business also. Since search engines have the capability to  extract the required information quickly with accuracy. That’s why search engines have become a very powerful platform for internet users. In present scenario, all businesses want to succeed and want to attract & enchant the maximum attention.  The only solution is what is your site’s SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Page).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is the technique of preparing the site to have the targeted presence in popular search engines especially Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. We provide all SEO and website promotion services like backlinks, blog submission, bookmarking, article, content writing, etc.

Search engine optimization brings customers directly to your website. By increasing your search engine positions and placement of your site it generates high quality sale. SEO is a technique to rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query for a strategically defined set of keywords. SEO helps to get traffic on your website from search engines. Its a type of online marketing that places your website in top rankings so that your website can be easily found by your would-be customers.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Website Promotion is must for any website and client business. We provide services like Facebook fan page management, Twitter accounts, Google Plus page management, YouTube channel, Integration of all social profiles/pages into websites, increasing users/fan base. Regular posting to different social networks like facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin, youtube, digg, stumbleupon, yahoo, etc. to increase social awareness among people to our clients’ sites and services.

We also help to setup

Link Building/Backlinks

Link building is essential and an integral element for successful execution of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process and website traffic enhancement and for boosting online visibility.

We at Empyrean Infotech facilitate Quality Link Building/Backlinks Services to amplify traffic on your websites, increasing search engine ranking positions (SERP), visibility enhancement and improve your website’s Google Page Rank.

We specialize in providing Quality a) One Way Link Building, b) Reciprocal (Two-way) Link Building, in affordable prices.

Advertising & Media Promotion

We are expert of setting up advertising for websites product and services. We can integrate and configure services like Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads with Goal settings and target users.

Further we integrate newsletter subscription widgets in website. We design templates for newsletters. We setup and maintain newsletter and advertising campaigns for mailing to subscribers, etc.

Web Speed Optimization

We use specialized tools and latest standards for web page speed analysis and optimization. Get guaranteed high performance increase in site and upto the mark Google PageSpeed, Yahoo Yslow grades.

Website speed is a major part of optimizing your websites for users and search engines. The faster your website loads, the less the users have to wait, which will reduce your site’s bounce rate and increase loyalty among consumers. If your website loads slower, most users will not wait, and will instead look for content on other sites.

A fast website can improve the overall browsing experience, more new visitors, increase sales by increasing conversion rates and also affect your search engine rankings, as  website performance used as a deciding factor in search engine rankings.

On-Page Activities

  • Website/Portal analysis
  • Competition Analysis & Reporting
  • Website traffic Analysis
  • Keyword Research & Keyword Competition and Link Popularity Analysis
  • Initial Search Engine Optimization Report
  • Promotional Design Changes
  • Title Tag, Meta Keywords,  Meta Description Optimization
  • On-page Content Writing, Modification, Restructuring & Optimization
  • H Tags Optimization (Eg: H1, H2, H3) and Keyword Highlighting
  • Broken Links Checking and Internal Link Structuring
  • URL optimization, URL Rewrite and Canonicalization
  • W3C Validations and CSS Validation
  • HTML Code Clean Up & Optimization
  • Images & Hyperlink Optimization
  • Navigation & Design Optimization
  • Robots Creation and Optimization
  • Google Analytics Account Setup and integration in website
  • Google Analytics Goal Setup and Funnel Creation
  • Google Webmaster Tools account setup & monitoring
  • Bing Webmaster Tools account setup & monitoring
  • Monthly Website Conversion Tracking
  • Blog Designing for the website
  • Blog Writing and Management
  • Integration of page bookmarking and sharing tools
  • XML Site Map Creation & Submission for Google, Yahoo & Bing
  • Social Profile Integration
  • Monthly Analytics Report
  • Quarterly Project Report with Keyword Ranking Reports

Off-Page Activities

  • Web Directory and Forum Submissions
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Article Writing and Submission
  • Blog Writing and Submission
  • Press Release Writing and Submission
  • Blog Comments on Relevant Blogs
  • Classified submission
  • Custom Review Submission
  • Local Search Engine Submission
  • Testimonial Submission
  • Manual Submission to Search Engines/Link Exchanges
  • Link building: One way, Two-way (Reciprocal) and Backlinks services on PR1 to PR9 pages with do-follow
  • Creating Promotional pages on hubpages, squidoo, etc
  • Social Accounts Management
  • Social Media Promotion and Network Sharing
  • Image Promotion
  • PPT and PDF Submission
  • Product Indexing on Google Base
  • RSS Feeds
  • Video Submissions and Commenting
  • Social Network Accounts/Profile creation and management for website on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.
  • Creation of Facebook fan page, business page, and management
  • Creation of Google Plus business page and management
  • Regular posting of latest news and updates related to business promotion on social accounts and pages
  • Quality practices to increase the number of Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Google Plus Followers , YouTube Subscribers, RSS Feed Subscribers, and other network rapid growth
  • Integration of Open Graph, Rich Snippets, Schema Tags etc. for each website pages and posts
  • Integration of Facebook Like box, Like button, Twitter Follow button, Google PlusOne button, and others in website pages for user interation
  • Live feed and recent posts widgets on client’s website getting real time updates from its associated social media accounts
  • Login with Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft or other accounts in website. No need to register in client’s website, users can login with direct verified accounts. Provide user satisfaction, reduce time wastage, prevent fake accounts and spam comments.
  • Implementation of social sharing directly into website, so customer can like and share website content, pages, post, images or videos directly to their friends via their own social accounts, to increase social reach very fast.
  • Auto cross-posting of content or posts from website to social accounts, business pages and vice-versa.
  • Development of Facebook Apps for client’s business, products and services promotion. Using from their PC, laptop or mobile devices like android, etc.
  • Analysis of results, local and global reach, people awareness, customer fan base, user type, etc. and regular report generation including statistical/graphical data.
  • High Google Page Rank (PR) Links Gaining.
  • High quality inbound links.
  • Link building and Backlinks services on PR1 to PR9 pages with do-follow.
  • Theme based related links. Sites must be in same or closely related sector and in English language.
  • No Spam Links Page
  • Links only from websites well indexed in the major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing and Alta Vista)
  • Live Sites
  • No hidden links. All links must be visible and readable
  • Permanent links
  • Static Link pages
  • Links not through a JavaScript and or a redirect script.
  • All links index-able by Googlebot
  • Link pages have been recently cached in Google (within past 30 days)
  • Link exchange for Two-way/Reciprocal link building from quality sites in same service domain.
  • Newsletter templates design HTML/Mailchimp/Aweber etc.
  • Newsletter content writing
  • Email/Newsletter/Ad Campaign creation
  • Newsletter and News update subscribe widgets integration in websites
  • Setting up advertising and newsletter campaigns with Mailchimp, Aweber, etc.
  • Email Marketing and Promotional Mail management
  • Google Ads and other Advertisement Setup (Paid/Unpaid) in website, Goals setup
  • Setting up Google Adsense, Google Adwords with Goal setting and Target users
  • Facebook Ads setup and promotion
  • Content restructuring and optimization
  • Image size optimization, improve image load.
  • Script & Stylesheets gzip compression and minification
  • Combine multiple scripts into minimal
  • Combine multiple stylesheets into minimal
  • Defer inclusions of javascript files in footer for delayed script loading after content.
  • Using css sprites rather many small images.
  • Header and content cache setting
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) configuration, for simultaneous content loading from different domains.
  • Html/Css, Html5/Css3 code cleanup and modification.
  • Removal of useless static and dynamic code
  • Setting up page components, header and file type cache expiration
  • Setting up various .htaccess rules for improving website loading speed and making it faster
  • Improving Google PageSpeed, Yahoo Yslow grade


SEO/SMO Benefits

  • Global and Regional outlook, context and perspective – reach to the targeted audience of your own choice
  • Higher return of investment (ROI) – high return of investment/increase your overall sales and profit
  • Increase Brand Visibility – provide international recognition to products/services offered
  • Targeted Traffic – increase the number of targeted and specific visitors
  • Cost-effective ways of marketing – minimum investment for the maximum exposure of your website
  • Languor/ inaction Competitors – increase your opportunity
  • More new visitors
  • Increase loyalty among consumers
  • Reduce site’s bounce rates
  • Increasing sales and Conversion Rates
  • Higher search engine ranking position (SERP) in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.


Reporting and Deliverables

  • Monthly Reporting
  • Reports of progress
  • Google search indexing and position reports
  • Monthly user search and location report
  • Top search keywords worldwide
  • User visits reports
  • Statistical and Graphical data
  • Search engine submissions, article, directory, press release, blog, comment submission reports
  • Link approval reports
  • Web traffic reports
  • Google analytics reporting
  • Bing, Yahoo, Alexa, etc. ranking and grade reports
  • Site Maintenance, Modification and Updation Reports
  • Other useful reports showing the monthly achievements
There are un-numbered/frequent, companies claiming to offer best SEO Services at low costs. While some of them stay true to their claims, there are many others that just function with the intent of making money. To simplify the SEO task there are some key characteristic to keep in mind while choosing an affordable SEO company.

  • The SEO Company should offer affordable services.
  • The company should follow ethical approach and provides white hat SEO techniques.
  • The company has well knowledgeable and experienced SEO professionals.
  • The company should be realistic in their approach.
  • The company should be affordable, trustworthy and delivering the promised results.

We have two different websites too in our network to deal especially with SEO, SMO and backlinks services with affordable plans and packages for faster online order acceptance and completion with quality work. To know more visit and .